The Don of Liquid Ceramic: Don Cornell with Jensen Dental

Episode 136 · November 2nd, 2020 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

It's amazing how far zirconia has come in our industry. There are monolithic crown that have such good translucency that they rival lithium disilicate. But so many labs still layer them to get the desired results. Enter MIYO. the liquid ceramic that is taking the lab industry by storm (a name of one of their translucent colors). Don Cornell saw a need to improve the monolithic zirconia crown. To make it better. To make it look more like a natural tooth. With the resources of Jensen Dental (already an expert in Zirconia and ceramics), Don was able to create a layering ceramic that gives the qualities of a natural tooth with less sacrifice of the crown material. Don talks about his early days, teaming up with Jensen, and how he and his team created MIYO.

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The UP 3D P5 milling maching from Aurident is a 5 axis, efficient, dry mill. Great for milling zirconia, PMMA and wax. It boasts software that produces high precision and fast milling. It can mill a crown in 14 minutes and the tool life yields about 60-80 hours of quality restorations. A game changer for labs of all sizes, big and small. For under $20K, a small lab can now do their own milling instead of outsourcing and reducing their profits. Quite impressive! Give Aurident a call at 800-422-7373 or you can visit their website at

The Form 3BL is the large format dental 3D printer that raises the bar for dependable high-production dental 3D printing, designed to work day and night with minimal intervention. A build volume of 33.5 × 20 × 30 cm (13.2 × 7.9 × 11.8 in) maximizes throughput for every print job. Print 48 models in a day, with only two printer interactions. Head over to and they can send you something printed on a Form 3B printer. This way you can hold the proof in your hand.