Prime Innovation and Ivotion: Don Bell from Ivoclar Vivadent

Episode 140 · November 30th, 2020 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

Don Bell, the Vice President of Product Marketing in North America for Ivoclar Vivadent, has seen a lot of products come and go. He has seen a lot of technology come and go. As labs and manufacturers enter this new era of dentistry, Don and Ivoclar has had to adapt. But in a good way. Don talks about what happened at Ivoclar during the shutdown and how they are coming back, their one-puck denture milling system called Ivotion, the e.max ZirCAD Prime, and what's next for Ivoclar.

The UP 3D P5 milling maching from Aurident is a 5 axis, efficient, dry mill. Great for milling zirconia, PMMA and wax. It boasts software that produces high precision and fast milling. It can mill a crown in 14 minutes and the tool life yields about 60-80 hours of quality restorations. A game changer for labs of all sizes, big and small. For under $20K, a small lab can now do their own milling instead of outsourcing and reducing their profits. Quite impressive! Give Aurident a call at 800-422-7373 or you can visit their website at

Have you seen the CUREBox Plus from Whip Mix yet? This highly effective yet affordable light-curing unit is ideal for most printed resins on the market. The economically priced curing box uses a specific wavelength and intensity light source, time control, and temperature control to polymerize (cure) dental resin materials. The unit’s glasswork surface features diffuse reflectors, which improve light transmission uniformity to the bottom of the model, and its maximum temperature of 80˚C provides increased compatibility with medical device 3D print resins. It also provides faster heating.

The glove-friendly, easy-to-use touchscreen includes status indicators for heat, lamps, and the door to the large capacity chamber and it features One-touch presets, customizable settings, a timer (5 Minutes - 12 Hours), a temperature controller (30 - 80˚C), and an auto-start and shut down mode.

For more information about Whip Mix’s CUREBox, visit