Dentures in Ink: Ed Johnson and Dr. Dennis Johnson

Episode 197 · January 3rd, 2022 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

Let's start 2022 with a different kind of guest. What is a great way to show your passion for dental technology? Denture Babes shirt? Tooth decal on your car? How about an amazing denture tattoo? Well we have the perfect guest for you. Ed Johnson is a tattooist out of Portland Oregon who specializes in teeth and denture tattoo. Ed is joined by his dentist father, Dr. Dennis Johnson. They talk about the early days that lead Ed to art and his fascination with teeth. Ed talks about getting into tattooing, the process of giving one of his "patients" a tattoo, and what makes a good tattoo great. If you love teeth and don't have a tattoo, you will want one after this.

Check out Ed's Instagram at DentistPDX

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