Back at LMT Lab Day Chicago Part 1: Christina & Brian Heaslip, Katie Boteler, and Jonathan Thompson

Episode 209 · March 28th, 2022 · 58 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

It is so good to be among our fellow lab friends. After having no show in 2021, LMT Lab Day Chicago happened with a great vibe in 2022. While less people attended, the ones that came where ready to be out and about and many stopped by the Preat booth. This week we talk to four people that attended. First up is wife and husband team from Georgia, Christina and Brian Heaslip. They talk about working together, presenting together about B & D Dental zirconia, and the upcoming Ladies of the Mill Summit. Then we talk to Katie Boteler from Aspen Dental. Newish to the industry, Katie talks about working at Affordable Dentures, Aspen, and the real reason Katie came to Lab Day. Then we wrap up the episode talking to past guest Jonathan Thompson about the importance of a good CAM software and his company WorkNC.

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