The Denturist Movement: A Removable Profession of Specialist - Interview Part 1 (VFTB21)

Episode 21 · August 20th, 2018 · 31 mins

About this Episode

Joining Elvis and Barb are two Licensed Denturist, Patrick Allen and Todd Young, to discuss an aspect of our industry that is both fascinating and not well known to the public.

From Patrick Allen:

The NDA and MLDA provide a resource to educate the general public about the denturist profession. Both of these organizations serve their members with continuing education and professional development opportunities as well as focusing on the growth and expansion of the profession. The NDA hosts a fall conference each year in Las Vegas and the MLDA hosts an annual conference at the beginning of June in Bangor, ME.

Denturism is regulated in 6 states currently – Maine, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Arizona and with the demand for dentures growing by the day and the access to quality care struggling to keep pace, the conditions are becoming rapidly favorable for the expansion of the profession. This is an incredible opportunity for the skilled dental technicians out there to expand their knowledge and take an even greater role the prosthetic treatment process.

National Denturist Association
National Denturist Conference - October 10 - 13

Oregon State Denturist Association
Maine Licensed Denturist Association

American Denturist School

Denturist: Birth of a Profession Book - Sadly not very available