The Race For Education! Lindsey Rowan, Arian Deutsch, Tony Prestipino, Bennett Napier

Episode 224 · July 11th, 2022 · 1 hr 4 mins

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Before we get stated with this jam packed and full filled episode, we have to get some links to you:

Information and how to register for the Race For the Future 8.0 August 28th

Information and registration for the Chicago Triathlon

Register for the FREE Education Day on August 27th

Donate to Barb or Team Voices From the Bench!!!!

Alright. Now that we have all the important links out of the way, we can get to the episode that is all about the links. The Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology is an organization that raises money for the continuing education in our industry. The person that keeps it on track is Lindsey Rowan. Lindsey comes on the podcast to talk about the history of the race, where the money goes, and details about this year’s race. She also talks about the FDLT's first ever FREE Education Day that is happening the same weekend. Joining us also on the episode are two of the educators. Arian Deutsch from Deutsch Dental Arts and Tony Prestipino from Artifex Dental Lab come on to talk about their presentation and how easy it is to be peer pressured into participating in the race.

Come for the FREE education. Come for the Race. Donate to a good cause.

And because we can never have enough education and updates, we wrap up the whole episode with Bennett Napier from the National Association of Dental laboratories who gives us a much needed update on our industry (it's positive!), an exciting and much needed change to the CDT certification, and information on one of our favorite meetings, the NADL University.

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