It's a S.I.N. Not to Go Digital: Patrick Dewey & Blake Roney

Episode 226 · July 25th, 2022 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

What?!?! Another Implant company? You bet. But this one is different. Patrick Dewey, the General Manager from S.I.N. Dental USA and Blake Roney, the Digital Solutions Specialist come on the podcast to talk about the companies dedication and process to a completely modeless digital full arch workflow. Patrick and Blake talk about the process and while using Photogrammetry with the Imetric4D, an Intraoral scanner, ExoCAD, and some slick tips and tricks, anyone can make accurate modeless full arch restorations. Did I mention a new implant? You'll want to hear about all that too.

Follow along with the S.I.N. Dental USA Digital Modeless Workflow HERE

Did you know Asiga has over 500 validated materials on their open material system. And it's growing everyday?

By harnessing Asiga's proprietary layer monitoring technology with its smart positioning system and integrated internal radiometer, as a laboratory, you will be able to produce any indication you desire. Whether models, splints, temporaries, or even permanent crowns.

Your investment will be future proofed by Asiga's rugged engineering. Providing you with a fast, accurate, and repeatable machine, with a reputation that is time tested in the laboratory industry.

If you would like to learn about Asiga's machine or material offerings, please visit the website at or contact your favorite dental reseller.

ExoCAD is excited to present their next Insights event October 3-4, 2022, on the sun-drenched island of Mallorca, Spain. Learn how DentalCAD, ChairsideCAD and exoplan can streamline and improve workflows. Connect with friends and colleagues in the industry while collecting CE points* during a full program of software education, partner shows and international guest speakers. Enjoy the exclusive welcome party, featuring fantastic music and food. Join us in making Insights 2022 an event to remember! Register at

The fastest growing product at Gro3X are the Gro3X Aligners. Gro3X Aligners are only available from Gro3X Aligner certified labs: Why? Because they believe in the synergies that are being created between you, the dental office, and your lab. And they want to further leverage these synergies. Their aligners are used as a pre-treatment to a larger restorative esthetic case, to widen gaps prior to placing implants, to close a diastema, ease crowding, and simply enhance your patient’s smiles. Even for your Essix retainer needs your Gro3X aligner certified lab can help. Look for a Gro3X Aligner certified lab near you, such as Castle Dental Lab in San Antonio, TX (ask for Blaine), AMK Dental Lab in O’Neill, NE (ask for Anne), Staggs Dental Lab in McCoole Maryland (ask for Derrick), AA Dental Design in Murrieta, CA (ask for Frankie), and many, many more… For a complete listing of Gro3X Aligner Certified Labs go to

Whip Mix introduces the CUREbox Plus, a new curing unit that ensures the proper and full polymerization of 3D printed resins. It really is the ideal curing unit for dental labs and dentists because the CUREbox Plus uses light and heat energy, with controlled time and temperature, to provide an ideal environment suitable for post-curing SLA and DLP type 3D printed models.

The American-made, competitively priced curing unit is very easy to use and has a large capacity curing chamber for high production, is super easy to clean and maintain, and offers a one-year warranty which covers everything but the inexpensive, long-lasting UV LED lamps.

Though the CUREbox Plus can cure virtually any printed resin, it has been qualified with the following Whip Mix resins: Veriguide OS, VeriSplint OS, Dentca denture base, denture teeth, try-in, and Temporary Crown and Bridge.

If you’d like to learn more about this in-demand product, visit