LIVE from LOMT with Kelly Simpson, Jen Ludwig, Ashley Boggs, Mark Ferguson, and Jeremy Wohlers.

Episode 231 · August 29th, 2022 · 1 hr 9 mins

About this Episode

This week we bring you 3 more amazing conversations we got while attending the Ladies of the Mill Summit back in July. Live from the Preat booth Elvis talked to past podcast guest Kelly Simpson. Minutes after doing her first on-stage presentation, Kelly talks about speaking in front of other and what she has been up to since last on the podcast. Then we chat with Jen Ludwing. Jen is a regional manager for the Apex Dental Laboratory Group and a all around bright light in our industry. Jen talks about her role and why Ladies of the Mill is so important to her. Then we wrap up the whole weekend with a conversation with the folks at Vulcan Custom Dental and BioHorizon. Ashley Boggs is an engineer for BioHorizon and talks about some engineering "stuff", Mark Ferguson talks about Vulcan's relationship with BioHorizon and some of the exciting things they are doing, and Jeremy Wohlers is there to make sure they is synergy between the two companies. It's a great convention with a lot of great conversations.

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