The Family Behind the World Class Smile with Dr. Jill Morris, Dr. Burr Bakke, Dr. Cameron Johnson, Sydney Johnson, and Kelton Johnson

Episode 287 · September 25th, 2023 · 1 hr 20 secs

About this Episode

We love dental legacies. When we got contacted by a dental technician that works in a dental office with 3 family members as dentists and another getting ready to graduate dental school, we knew a great story of a busy technician would be there. Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke own World Class Dentistry in Sarasota, Florida dealing in high-end cosmetic work and ceramic implants. They are joined by their son, Dr. Cameron Johnson who specializes in ortho and airway. Both of the younger siblings went to the New York City Tech School of Restorative Dentistry. Sydney Johnson went on to dental school while Kelton Johnson became the in-office technician. They talk about family life, workflow, treatment planning, and leaving a legacy for future generations of this dental family.

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