From Tight Pants to Milling Burs with Renata Budny & Paul Beck

Episode 312 · March 18th, 2024 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

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Elvis and Barb cannot believe Voices from the Bench is still going after 6 years! We owe it all to the listeners, the sponsors, and of course the guests that make this podcast what it is. 6 years ago, one educator agreed to be our very first guest, not knowing that she would be coming back every year. Renata Budny is a professor in the Restorative Dentistry program at New York City College of Technologyand updates us on the school, how students find it, where they go after, and how as an industry we can help the school help the industry. This year, Renata brings on the podcast a recent graduate that has a unique story on why he signed up, Paul Beck. Paul talks about his experience in the program, what he learned, and why he decided to take his knowledge and social skills to Sierra Dental Tools.

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