Even More from Exocad Insights 2024 with Kristina & Margarita Vaitelyte and Cat Edney

Episode 327 · July 1st, 2024 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

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Mallorca Spain is known for exporting wonderful almonds, oranges, lemons, olives, olive oil, grapes, wine and excellent cheeses. But did you also know they are known for exporting amazing conversations from people changing dentistry? This week we are back with even more conversation from exocad Insights 2024.

First up is the stellar sister duo of Kristina Vaitelyte and Margarita Vaitelyte. Kristina was on the podcast a while ago but this time we caught them together. They talk about the importance of communication, since Kristina designs in England and Margarita finishes in Lithuania, the workflow of near instant patient treatment planning, and always working with the end result in mind.

Then we learn what a Dental Therapist is when we chat with Cat Edney. Cat started as a hygienist, but knew she could do more and went to get her Dental Therapist license. Now she is working to spread the word of how that role fits within the dental team, allows more (and proper) care to public, and how she communicates to the other members on the team.

On September 11th in Fort Worth, Texas, the 10th annual Race For the Future will take place to raise money for the Foundation For Dental Laboratory Technology. Barb is doing her 9th solo race and Elvis is teaming up with Mark Williamson and Bobby Kenney to form The Abutments. Go to dentallabfoundation.org and click on the DONATE TODAY button. There you need to log in or create an account. Then select “Race for the Future” and enter the name of either Barb Warner or the Abutments, then the amount you want to donate.

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