Adam Herman CPA

Special guest

Adam Herman is a Partner and Chief Visionary Officer at Mueller Prost. As the Chief Visionary Officer, he oversees the strategy and direction of the firm, leads growth and new service initiatives and manages the firm’s industry leaders, sales and marketing efforts.

Mr. Herman has been actively engaged in business valuations of closely held companies and has provided business consulting services including forensic accounting, merger and acquisition support, seed-to-early-stage business support, operational reviews and forecasted financial statements. In addition, Mr. Herman has a background in accounting, including audit, tax and other advisory services. His business skills and experience include a strong emphasis in research and experimentation tax credit studies and IRS tax controversy work.

Mr. Herman’s business valuation experience includes a wide variety of assignments with a strong emphasis on closely held businesses and professional practices. Industries include aerospace, automotive, construction, dental laboratories, O&P laboratories, engineering, telecommunications, trucking and transportation, plastics, IT consulting, pharmacy, computer software, medical and attorney practices, as well as other retail, manufacturing, service, and professional business establishments.

He has performed appraisals for estate and gift tax planning, buy-sell agreements, stockholder litigation, purchasing and selling businesses, and other types of engagements. He has also rendered litigation support services in breach of contract, marital dissolution, and various business-damages cases, including lost profit analysis and business valuation issues.

Leveraging his vast experience in R&D tax credits, Adam helped to create a strategic partnership with Monetek, a company dedicated to helping organizations uncover how to document and claim the credits. Through Monetek, he spends a great deal of time consulting clients in the O&P industry. Adam helps O&P providers claim the credit to put money back into their businesses for further research, new products, and to ultimately improve the lives of their patients. He is a frequently requested speaker at national AOPA events and other association conferences.

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