Alan Banks

Special guest

22+ Years in the Dental Laboratory with bench technician experience and research and development.

Since 2001, Alan has been employed by ROE, a forward-thinking, digital, international laboratory. Alan runs teams of specialists who provide technical support to general dentists and specialists, specializing in all areas of dental laboratory technology, with special focus on today’s digital technology and full arch reconstruction. During the past several years he has supported dentists with digital acquisition equipment, CBCT scanners, facilitated the digital handshake between lab and office, supported dental offices with sophisticated GuidedSMILE CHROME surgery, instructed on surgical guide protocols and restorative conversion and many other lab / office interfaces, and provides in-office support for full arch conversions. He manages R&D projects in various departments of ROE as well as manages all outward communications, which requires him to be up to date on the latest topics of dentistry.

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