Alexander Ewert

Special guest

Alexander completed his training as a dental technician in Osnabrück in 2000. Since he could not perform his profession 100% due to an allergy, he was looking for a new challenge. It should be a creative profession. He learned "Advertising Manager" in a small agency in Munich (Germany). Specialized in PR, trade shows and events for clients like Microsoft, Allianz and other IT clients. He then studied communication in Hamburg and got his MBA. In a big agency he managed food clients like Balisto, Milram, Ferrero and Chio Chips. In 2010 he then merged both professions: Dental Technology and Marketing and became Product Manager at DMG Dental in Hamburg. In September 2013, CANDULOR from Switzerland knocked on the door and since then he is responsible for the appearance, the area of education (Swiss School of Prosthetics) and many other projects. Today he is Director Marketing & Education and part of the management team of the company.

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