Angelika Roseberry

Special guest

My journey in dental technology began at the age of 14 in a country in Europe, Arad Romania. When, as funny as it may sound, my mother chose this for me. She saw something that I could not at that age, that I had an eye for mimicking nature, to spot things out of place and order. After a 5 year degree and 3 accreditation, I was free to unleash my knowledge to the world; and I did. I worked in Romania for 3 years, with materials and equipment that you may not see, not find even in a dental laboratory museum, but even with those we helped women and men smile again. At the age of 21 I immigrated to Germany, where I continued with the refining of my skills, and techniques, with on the job training, at different stations: model department, denture and removable, metal partials with telescopic crowns, crown and bridge; at different laboratories. At the age of 33, I made another big move, after marrying a US citizen; we relocated to the USA. Here, after a few years working in different laboratories. I realized that my creative nature was suppressed, so I chose to go on my own. That is how Angel Dental Arts was launched, in February 2003, with the help of some wonderful friends.

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