Beau Murphy DTG

Special guest

I have been in the Dental Technician industry for 12 years and have studied and trained under some of the industry’s top leaders. My formal schooling was completed under John Archibald. Spent 2 years under Matt Roberts internship. I went on to work for Mark Willis for 6 years. From there I partnered with Daniel Sorenson for a few years.

I am now the proud owner of my own dental lab, Fifth Element Dental Design, which I opened in November 2015. Our purpose and goal each day is to transform lives one smile at a time. We specialize in high-end cosmetic smile design cases. We do however offer a Classic Posterior Restoration line along with our Premier Smile Design Restoration.

I was honored to be inducted into the worldwide DTG (Dental Technicians Guild) in August of 2016. Being a member of this group has a continuous benefit factor that I am able to grow and learn from other technicians around the world. This, along with the continuing education courses I constantly involve myself in, ensure that I am up on all the current and best processes to create amazing results that clients of Fifth Element Dental Design have come to expect.

Beau Murphy DTG has been a guest on 2 episodes.