Bob Iuliano

Special guest

I started my career in dentistry, by accident, shortly after graduating college. From the day I opened my doors for business the lab both met and exceeded all financial goals I set from the start. In 2013, against all odds of succeeding, I took the leap of my life and went totally digital with my 3 man lab. I soon found myself riding the crest of a tsunami and haven’t looked back since. After 40 years in the business Monday’s back to work are always my favorite day of the week. The lab is open 5 days a week but I’ve manage, thru the years, to keep my time in the lab down to 3.5-4 days a week. My love of life, when not in the lab includes such sports as: Back country flying, competition soaring, white water kayaking, Skydiving, teaching skiing, and Cycling just to name a few. When I turn 70 I’ll probably give retirement a consideration. I have lots more to do before I reach my 100th birthday.

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