Calvin Song

Special guest

Calvin Song is an accomplished Executive Vice President at CreoDent, a leading dental lab located in New York City and the City of Newburgh in New York State. With over 800 dental labs and 2000 dentists as clients, Calvin has a wealth of experience in CAD/CAM Custom Abutment manufacturing and everyday dental prosthetics.

With a keen eye for innovation, Calvin is at the forefront of driving traditional dental laboratory workflow into the new digital era. He is passionate about implementing strategies for business growth and maximizing the utilization of new applications for digital dentistry with dental labs and doctors in order to provide cutting-edge solutions for patients.

Calvin is also a trusted consultant to dental industry leaders, working closely with companies such as Dentsply Sirona for Lucitone 3D printed Dentures, Ivoclar for Ivotion 3D denture milling solution, and KeyStone Industry for Keysoft resin material for Night Guards and Surgical Guides. His expertise and insight in leveraging new digital technologies make him a sought-after professional in the dental industry.

With his deep knowledge and extensive experience in digital dentistry, Calvin Song is driving advancements in the field and contributing to the development of innovative dental solutions that improve patient care and outcomes.

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