Chad Brox

Special guest

Chad Brox partner at Performance Dental lab, 28 years experience in Dental technology. Serves in Las Vegas with his father and brother. We specialize in cosmetic restorations. We use a variety of materials from zirconia to lithium discilicate and porc fused to metal. We work with intra oral scans and regular impressions.

I grew up watching my father and grandfather running the business and took an interest when I could do my job and see how I could improve. I grew a love of the art when I saw masters and learned techniques to accomplish a desired look. As I got into the art of teeth and saw how it effected people and the perception they had of themselves, by putting something I made. It began to fuel a passion to better my craft. As technology changes we adopt new methods and techniques to achieve a natural beautiful smile. Giving people the confidence is a step to health and wellness and it fulfilling to me in what I do when I can give that gift.

I’m never to good to learn new skills and confident in the ones I have.

I have met many masters along the way and it’s great to work with such talent and experts in there fields. The work we do attracts a lot of familiar faces when you work in the dental field. We welcome technology and love to share what we know.

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