Chris Bormes

Special guest

Chris Bormes graduated from Gonzaga University prior to attending the Dental Laboratory Technology program at City College of San Francisco. Chris has earned both ICOI Fellowship and Mastership in Dental Technology; graduated from both Ticonium’s and Bego’s Partial Denture Programs; is a candidate for CDT in Complete Dentures; wrote the PREAT Corporation Technical Manual, and has invented 6 different attachments. Chris has lectured both nationally and internationally and is recognized as an expert in attachments and implantology. Chris joined PREAT Corporation in 1997 and was named President in 2010. In 2017 alone, Chris Bormes held 25 courses for continuing education credit at both large conferences such as the annual Hinnman conference, DLOAC Dental Lab & CAD/CAM Annual Expo, and LMT Lab Days as well as local study groups. Chris Bormes is dedicated to non-commercial education with the sole focus of increasing the knowledge and skills of dentists in order for them to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.

Continuing education courses held by Chris Bormes are specific to treatment planning for patients involving removable prosthetics, overdentures, attachments, and implant supported and retained restorations. This includes educating dentists on ongoing treatment options, protocols, and technical developments in the dental industry based on sound scientific evidence. As patient-specific treatment options continue to evolve, the Chris Bormes will teach when, where, and how to informatively choose the appropriate treatment option specific to each patient.

As President & CEO, Chris leads a team of dental professionals committed to providing the highest quality parts, expertise, education, and service to our dental partners in order to improve the quality of life for all involved.

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