Chris Ling CDT

Special guest

Chris Ling, CDT is co-owner of Lifelike Dental Studio, Inc. with his wife of twenty five years, Carrie. Their team of five technicians specialize in cosmetic and implant supported restorations. After getting his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas, Chris started his career pouring models for a one-man-lab, learning everything on the job. Seven years later, after acquiring his certification in Ceramics, Chris and Carrie opened Lifelike Dental Studio in 2005 in their backyard portable building. Embracing technology, Chris has taken the lab completely digital, allowing greater efficiency and finally weekends off!

Chris’ entry in LMT’s Crown Challenge landed his lab in the top four finalists, allowing him the opportunity to offer a table clinic for Jensen Dental at Chicago’s LMT Lab Day. Chris is a member of the DLAT and regularly attends the local Spear Study Club, as well as hosting educational programs at his lab.

His free time is spent contemplating the meaning of life with his smoking hot wife, four exceptional children, and boxer, Piper. Chris especially enjoys travel, fine foods (or any food, as his physique proves), and naps.

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