Christopher Gajewski

Special guest

Christopher Gajewski was a scrawny, stuttering prick [street rat?] growing up in SW Philly. That combo alone gave him an attitude problem. In late August of 2019, he celebrated the 20 year anniversary of what he calls one of his proudest moments: earning the baby blue infantry chord at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He says he is out of shape and lazy but he can still walk anybody into the ground. That didn’t help with his attitude problem. ‘Hoo rah, my ass.’”

He’s been around orthodontic labs all of his life, learning from his uncle. After earning his degree in communications (journalism concentration) from the University of Miami, he went back to work in his uncle’s lab because the starting salary for journalists could barely cover his bar tab let alone his student loans.

With over 30 years in the profession, and 15 years as an orthodontic lab owner, his main goal is still education—and paying off his student loans.

"A paradigm shift, like we are seeing in our profession," he says, "can best be met by community, education and vision.” His view on life is that it is not a competition and he wants to see all labs adapt and succeed.

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