Chris Wilson

Special guest

I started my career in the dental industry in 1999 in the Engineering department of Intratech Dental in Irving Texas just as it was being purchased by WhipMix. My focus throughout my career has always been oven centric. I moved to Louisville in 2001 when Whip Mix closed Intratech’s facility in Texas and continued until I was promoted to my final position as Mechanical Product Manager just before leaving to move back to Texas in 2005. Throughout my time at Whip Mix I was Involved in the R&D, development, support, documentation, marketing, sales, and support of the Pro 100 lines as well as other products. From 2005-2010 I worked as an independent supply representative for a few companies until opening Zubler USA with Kurt Zubler in 2010 as Vice President. While I have remained focused our oven lines, I am also involved with our ever-expanding list of products offerings, the company’s marketing, sales, and some operational aspects. I get to play around with a tiny bit of R&D, which I do miss from time to time.

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