Dani Farago

Special guest

Dani Farago graduated from the dental technology program at George Brown College in 2017. She became a RDT a year later and has been obsessed with dentistry ever since.

Dani is a second-generation dental technician and works for her family’s crown and bridge lab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her goal is to become a master ceramist and to eventually host her own courses, specializing in porcelain and dental photography.

She was fortunate enough to learn the trade from many talented professionals and has traveled as far as Japan, where she studied at Osaka Ceramic Training Center under such gurus as Kataoka Shigeo and Wakita Daiyu.

Her mission is to create her own porcelain and staining technique which she is developing through ceramic experimentation and constant communication with experienced ceramists worldwide, giving her the opportunity to share and obtain knowledge daily.

Dani’s goal is to mimic the beauty of nature and she continues to hone her craft by spending all of her free time in the lab, as she strives to one day sit amongst some of the most renowned dental technicians in this incredible field.

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