Dennis Urban CDT

Special guest

Dennis Urban, CDT brings 40+ years of dental technology field experience including lab management, technical training, sales and marketing, product development, and quality assurance. In addition to being a seasoned former lab owner and dental lab manager, Dennis has been an eminent lecturer worldwide since 1985. His lectures and trainings span many areas of dental technology, to include: denture set-ups, digital denture technology, denture processing, lab management, marketing, implant overdentures and bar design protocol, all on 4 and 6 case planning, chairside conversions, shade communication, occlusion and soft liners. His technical articles have been published in numerous publications across the US, Canada and Europe. Dennis was the recipient of the 2007 NADL Excellence in Education Award and is the 2020 Chair of The National Board of Certification in Dental Technology, and serves on the Advisory Board for IDT magazine. He is currently General Manager and Technical Adviser for DSG.

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