Enja Dorjchuluun

Special guest

Enja Dorjchuluun is the Business Operations Manager at Sakr Dental Arts in the heart of city beautiful Orlando, Florida. Sakr Dental Arts focuses on simplifying, streamlining, and improving dental technology through better tools, better workflows, and better communication. Like many, she started her career on the bench opaque-ing and doing model work. She has grown and learned all aspects of the laboratory business for 15+ years. For the last 5 years she has delved deep into implant dentistry, hybrid restorations, and improving communication and workflow with doctors and staff.

Enja graduated with a Bachelor's in accounting from Devry University in 2008, and earned her Masters of Business Administration from University of Central Florida in 2012. When all roads lead to Rome, Rome was dental and not accounting even with her effort and time to pass all 4 CPA exams. She likes to develop systems and workflow processes that improve the lab, and aspires to take Sakr Dental Arts to a national level.

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