Eric Hansen, LD

Special guest

Eric Hansen, LD, was destined to become a professional denturist like his father. He now owns Northwest Dental, with offices in Bellingham, Burlington, Arlington, Everett, and Oak Harbor, Washington. As a young boy, Hansen played with wax in his father’s dental lab and realized his interest in dentures. When he graduated from high school, he worked alongside his father, Ron, in the lab. They both attended Idaho State University and the Oregon Denturist College.

Together, Eric and Ron Hansen earned their degrees in 1988 and became licensed denturists in 1999. The father-son team opened a denture clinic in Deming, Washington, on the Nooksack Indian Reservation. At the time, denturism was not yet recognized as a profession by the state of Washington, so they made that their mission.

Eric Hansen and his father worked with other denturists around the state to successfully pass Initiative 607, which formally recognized and regulated the denturist profession. Eric was a board member for the state of Washington denturists and helped them implement the new denturist law. The father-son team went on to open Northwest Dental, complete with denture laboratories and full-time dentists on their staff in both Bellingham and Burlington, Washington.

After his father’s passing in 2010, Hansen became the sole owner and a denturist at all five Northwest Dental locations. Hansen and his staff of three skilled dentists, five denturists, and hygienists provide exceptional dental and denture services, including implants and family dentistry, to patients of all ages in northwest Washington.

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