Frederic Rapp

Special guest

CEO, Open Implants (US manufacturer headquartered in Massachusetts)

CEO, Crown Ceram (Dental Laboratory in France)

Frederic Rapp is dedicated to bringing meaningful innovation to the dental industry. Before co-founding Open Implants, a US manufacturer of implant components, he was a lab owner in Europe. Rapp grew up in his father’s dental lab in France. Though he was encouraged to become a dentist, he decided to pursue his passion for technology and manufacturing and went on to become a mechanical engineer.

After a deep dive into rapid prototyping and lean production, Rapp saw immense value in bringing this knowledge to the dental lab. In 2005, he took the lead on the family business, Crown Ceram, which was a two person lab at the time. In 2009, Frederic invested heavily in CAD CAM, which catalyzed their growth to become the largest lab in France with over 70 employees today.

In 2015, Rapp partnered with Rob Nazzal and Bob Cohen to found Open Implants. As like-minded early adopters and innovators, the three became fast friends after meeting at Lab Day Chicago. They shared many passionate conversations about the industry and decided to create Open Implants, which launched in 2017. The system was designed using their deep understanding of lab operations and digital fabrication. Open Implants provides labs with a consistent and efficient digital workflow across the top implant systems.


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