Glen Smith CDT TE

Special guest

My career started at the
Academy Health Sciences, Ft. Sam Houston, Tx in August 1977
Lab technician program graduate December 1977
Assigned to Prosthedontist program dental laboratory January 1978 Ft. Leonard Wood
1978-1980 tutored under master technicians American and German( duestch) to learn the fundamentals of full oral restorations, the foundation which i have built my career on.

Jan-June 1981 Ft. Riley Kansas dental lab daytime
Garretts dental lab, Manhattan Kansas 6-10pm
July 1981 Merced Co-op dental laboratory
Dec 1983 purchased Merced Co-op laboratory from owners at the age of 24
Jan 1984 Rebranded as Professional Profiles dental laboratory
1984 Swissedent denture workflow protocol
Implemented for all full arch cases
1990 ivocap denture processing implemented
2010 Manager Affordable dentures & implants
2012 Cdt designation
2013 Te designation
2014 Robertson dental lab removable/AO4
2016 Denmat dental laboratory Supervisor
2017 Robertson dental lab AO4 manager
2018 Manager/Developer of digital removable department/ Mentor/Educator Speaker at local Spears/Study clubs
2023 Oversee/Manage AOX, Cad Digital/Analog Removable workflows

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