Hollie Stevenson

Special guest

Ms. Hollie Stevenson, JD is the Vice President of Affiliate & Government Relations, Dental Lifeline
Network, and lives in Denver, Colorado. She and her team work with over 18,500 volunteer dentists and
laboratories across the nation who provide donated dental services to people with disabilities, who are
elderly or medically compromised and can’t afford care. Ms. Stevenson also supports state DLN boards,
and partners with State Dental Associations and key stakeholders. Before joining DLN eight years ago,
she directed and lobbied at the state and federal level for the University of Colorado, including the CU
Hospital and Health Sciences Center, and was a Director at the CO State Health Care Policy and
Financing Agency. Prior to these positions she was an Assistant Attorney General with the CO Attorney
General’s office where she focused on Medicaid and other healthcare issues. Ms. Stevenson received
her BS from Regis University and JD from the University of Denver College of Law.

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