Hugo Sousa

Special guest

In 2004 Hugo decided to follow his fathers footsteps and started his Dental technician course at University Egas Moniz in Lisbon. After he finished his course he worked in a couple of Laboratories in Portugal first learning about waxing, casting, finishing Metal framework and then moving in to ceramics in the biggest production laboratory in the country.

7 years in to his professional career he made the jump in to England to further develop his skills and start to build his academic career. During several years he dedicated most of his time attending courses from Ceramics, Metal, Zirconia, Composites to Morphology and Dental Anthropology.
During this time (7 years) he also did a Masters Degree in Dental Technology and attended a 1 month morphology course at the prestigious Osaka Ceramic Training School in Japan.

Presently as a Master Dental Technician Hugo lives in the North of England, works in one of the Top private Laboratories in the country (Nexus Dental), Teaches at the University of Bolton, runs a morphology course 2/3 times year and currently started his PhD.
Last but not least, Hugo in collaboration with another Dental Tech. (Pedro Brito) has is own Portuguese Dental Technology Podcast (Conversa à Bancada).

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