Dr. Jack Bell (A.K.A. "Capt'n Jack Marrow)

Special guest

Dr. Jack Bell (A.K.A. "Capt'n Jack Marrow) and Allen "Patch" Garcia (A.K.A "Pirate Patches") work together at Family Dental Associates in Warner Robins GA. Patch is the in house CDT with the in house lab (Excel Dental). Dr. Jack is the implant and prosthetic specialist. Marvel has the Avengers, DC has the Justice League, and then Family Dental Associates has "Bad to the Bone" a pirate division featuring the latest dental technologies. Family Dental has nothing to fear when a complex case hits its beaches as these pirates combine their talents and love of the sea to become Bad to the Bone Dental. Their moto is comprehensive care with pirate flair because everybody needs a little pirate in their life. When all seems hopeless they want to be that pirate ship of hope coming over your horizon. Dr. Jack is a 3rd generation dentist who completed the AEGD residency in 2012 from the Medical College of Georgia. Pirate Patches is a delicately aged and well preserved old Air Force dental laboratory technician graduating from school in the year of our Lord one-thousand nine-hundred and eighty-four. This old salt is also a recognized Technologist from the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory. They have combined their love of dentistry and technology to have fun while at sea and produce true artistry.

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