Jamie Rubin

Special guest

Jamie Rubin BFA, RG is focused on pairing the artistry of a hands-on touch with workflows and solutions in the digital realm. After earning a Bachelor’s from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC, she later transitioned to the dental lab industry on recommendation from dentists in her family. The shift was natural as she grew up around dentistry, with her mother and brother practicing in the city. She returned to school in 2016 to study dental technology and has been fully immersed in the industry since.

Jamie Rubin authored and published articles in IDT magazine and co-authored research papers on implant science in publications such as Compendium. In 2021, Rubin was named on LMT’s list of 40 under 40.

In her current role, Jamie is the Digital Dentistry Supervisor for the in-house lab at SDNY Dental in Manhattan. She works in tandem with prosthodontists on treatment planning and specializes in fixed restorations with an emphasis on implants. She both designs and finishes ceramics. In addition to this, she is an Adjunct Lecturer in the Restorative Dentistry Dept. at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn. Rubin lectures and teaches lab courses on fixed prosthodontics and CAD/CAM. Her joy of teaching is sourced directly from her unending passion for learning and sharing.

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