Jed Archibald

Special guest

Jed Archibald started his training as a dental technician at the age of 15, much like the training of a European apprenticeship. He worked side by side with his father John Archibald at Archibald Associates. Archibald Associates was and is the private in-house laboratory for Dr. Gordon Christensen. It also was a private dental laboratory school were at the age of 18 Jed formally started Instructing at the school.

Archibald’s private lab school is proud of the success all of its students have achieved. In fact, most of its students are not just employed, but lab owners, managers and influencers today. That success is not only because of the apprenticeship method of teaching, but also because students were taught the full curriculum of laboratory work in a real working environment. Jed helped students learn methods from Henry A. Linek, Michael Pulse, Claude Sieber, Willie Geller, Gerald Ubassy and of coarse methods developed by John and Gordon too. Another wonderful experience Jed was able to participate in was CRA (Clinical Research Associates).

CRA (now known as CR) was originally started by Dr. Gordon Christensen as an effort to find truth about products in dentistry. In the first decade of CRA, the majority of testing and examining was done by Dr. Christensen and John Archibald as a second job to their current full schedules. Jed was able to participate, help and absorb the process and also gain and advanced understanding of materials. As CRA grew in size, Dr. Rella Christensen was named Director, and it is known as CR today.

Through the School, CRA and Christensen Prosthodontics, Jed was able to work with many companies and their products. Lab equipment was tested and evaluated as students would get to purchase equipment to setup a lab after school. Materials were tested and monitored to see what worked, and what worked in “real world” situations. Many of the groundbreaking products we know today, had some grass roots or US breakthrough with the Archibald’s and Christensen’s. Products such as, Creation, 3D Master, Empress, SmileLine, Initial, e.max and many of the processes that accompany them.

In 2009 Archibald Associates Lab School was slowing down. And John and Jed were focusing more and more on cases and product development. This led to Jed formally opening Archibald Digital as the digital arm to Archibald Associates. With Jed’s unique background in traditional dental technology, his mission has always been to hold digital processes and materials to the same standards that highly trained craftsman have established. That higher standard has created breakthroughs in CAD/CAM, Sintering, and 3D Printing. And some highly secret projects that will change dentistry as we know it.

Jed hopes to continue to be a trusted voice for the next generations, just like Gordon and John have been for past and current generations.

Jed Archibald has been a guest on 2 episodes.