Jeremiah, CDT, DTG and Amanda Naas

Special guest

Jeremiah Naas CDT/DTG is a second-generation dental lab professional and lab owner. With currently 17+ year of experience his focus remains on complex handmade high quality removable devices. Born in Ft. Lauderdale, a native Floridian, Jeremiah currently lives in Citrus county and owns Inverness Dental Arts with his wife Amanda. They have three kids, on teenage daughter and two little boys, that always come first in his life. Whether it’s walks to the bus-stop or family camping and fishing trips, quality time with the family is their highest priority.

Growing up in the dental lab profession both his parents, dental technicians themselves, introduced him to the field of dental technology. Through years of hard work and dedication with the guidance of his parents he quickly fell in love with cast partial frameworks. He has been chasing excellence with his frameworks every since. Jeremiah served on the Board of Directors of the FDLA from 2013-2017, holding the position of Treasurer for the 2016-2017 year. Inverness Dental Arts is an IWC member of BEGO since 2006, with Jeremiah being trained in the company’s specific systems and procedures for framework fabrication. Being a bit different and doing a bit different is Jeremiah’s goal with frameworks. From his smooth palatal designs, hidden clasp design, opaqued clasps, and pre-setting of teeth prior to fabrication, he and Amanda strives to elevate frameworks to the next level for the patient.

Jeremiah, CDT, DTG and Amanda Naas has been a guest on 3 episodes.