Jim Glidewell CDT

Special guest

James R. Glidewell is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist best known as the founder and CEO of Glidewell, the world’s most innovative dental laboratory. Spurred by a desire to make rehabilitative dentistry affordable for all, Jim applied a unique blend of technical knowledge, business principles, and marketing philosophies to expand his one-man, kitchen-table operation in 1970 into a multifaceted technology company among those at the forefront of the oral health industry today. Employing a diverse team of certified technicians, engineers, scientists, clinicians, and support personnel, Jim continues his lifelong dream of advancing the materials and techniques available to treatment providers, enhancing knowledge through free education platforms, increasing patient access to premium services, and in growing the careers of the nearly 5,000 individuals come to join him in his pursuits. A respected member of his southern California community, Jim actively supports an extensive array of local and national organizations that provide assistance to underserved children, families, military veterans, and more.

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