John Archibald

Special guest

John F. Archibald is the founder of Archibald Associates and its current Director of Education. John has spent the majority of his career working as the private "in house technician for Dr. Gordon Christensen, and Dr. William Christensen. This relationship has lead to some of the most dynamic and groundbreaking techniques and practices in the dental industry for over 45 years. John was on the ground floor of CRA (now CR), which lead to many relationships with manufacturers that are widely respected within most organizations today. John also ran a full time apprenticeship school for over 25 years, and is loved by everyone as one of the best "hands on" teachers ever seen. To this day, John is still dedicated to finding the best products and procedures to give patients the best possible restoration. Just a little time with John, and you will see that no one has more practical experience than him. He is as passionate today as ever and continues to make time for his patients, doctors and students.

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