Lidia Croteau

Special guest

Lidia Croteau is the CEO and Founder of Styledent LLC, a dental lab located in Winter Park, Florida, USA as well as the Vice-President in Business Development and Customer Service for Styledent INC, a high end dental laboratory in Laval, Quebec, Canada, leading her team towards high growth in the past 11 years. She graduated with honors from her Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree, with joint honors in communications and political science at University of Montreal. She has over 19 years of general sales and marketing experience. Mrs. Croteau has lectured for dentists at different private functions in dental clinics, at the Canadian Armed Forces dental detachment clinics as well as for Edouard-Montpetit College to dental technology students in dental lab management. Her main subjects are leadership, dental lab management and dental lab materials. Mrs. Croteau’s goal is to support, inspire and lead women in the dental community in their role as business owners and on a personal development level.

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