Michael Tanaka

Special guest

Michael Tanaka has been apart of the dental industry for 17 years. Tanaka Dental Lab a Family owned lab was established 1973. Michael started training on the bench using the traditional lab procedures, but over the last 12 years has lead the lab into the digital age. Specializing in Implants and Digital technology. Tanaka Dental Lab has become well know in the Los Angeles, CA area and now branching out nation wide.

Starting with pouring models progressing to finishing porcelain and every thing in between. Michael does prefer the digital work. Managing the day to day business of Tanaka Dental lab as well as designing on 3shape Michael has really enjoyed the ever changing dynamic of the Lab industry.

Working with our partner companies and surgical groups, Michael has become know as one of the most knowledgeable implant technicians.

Michael Tanaka has been a guest on 2 episodes.