Natalie Galvis

Special guest

Natalie Galvis is a Certified Dental Technician in Complete Dentures. She holds an A.S.S in Restorative Dentistry and a Bachelors of Health Science Administration from NYCCT. She has worked as an Adjunct Lecturer at NYCCT for the past 5 years, with a focus of teaching Complete Dentures. With over 10 years in the dental industry, she has experience as a Dental Technician, Dental Assistant, and was previously employed by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where she was able to provide oral prosthetics to cancer survivors and become well versed in obturator prosthetics. She currently works with her husband, Oscar D. Galvis CDT, MDT, MS, at Nucrown Dental Laboratory Inc, which is a family-owned dental practice/laboratory. Here she continues to fabricate removables, but with a focus of growth in dental implantology and CAD/CAM dentistry.

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