Patrick Strohkirch

Special guest

Patrick Strohkirch is the Director of Sales, North America for Oqton Inc. Oqton is the cloud based, machine agnostic, manufacturing operating system that automates production by utilizing artificial intelligence thus increasing production, profits, efficiencies, and peace of mind while decreasing cost, waste, human involvement, and environmental impact.

Patrick has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Minnesota as well as a Master of Business Administration Degree from Averno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has nearly 25 years of experience and success in the dental industry working for various dental dealers and manufacturers helping customers and companies achieve historic heights with passion and discipline.

Patrick had the opportunity to honorably serve his country for 13 years, on four continents, participating in three conflicts as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army and Air Force as well as earning an appointment as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Public Health Service holding Naval Rank of Lieutenant.

When he is not helping to advance companies and customers through the implementation of technology he enjoys traveling globally, spending time with his family, and being an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

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