Renata Vano

Special guest

Renata Vano is a Brazilian dental technician graduated since 1993 at Senac School in Sao Paulo and Postgraduate in Removables. Expert in the Technical Course Specialist in Removables since 2003- Since 2004 she became a professor in the graduate courses for Dental Technicians and later in 2006, she became a professor of the technical specialization course at Senac. Since then, she has assumed the position of KOL with Ivoclar becoming a lecturer and courses in Sao Paulo and some other states of Brazil.

In 2016 she participated in the DTG Symposium in Utah - in the removable division, sinning the second place in the competition - taking on an international visibility. From 2017 she became a lecturer of international courses and DTG member.

In 2019, after learning about Digital Dentures in some laboratories in the USA opened its own laboratory in the city of Sao Paulo - she became KOL 3shape - and became the 1st Dental laboratory in Brazil to offer these Digital Dentures.

Currently she is presenting the course "Digital Denture's Workflow" introducing to doctors and dental technicians the most advanced techniques in CAI- CAD- CAM- for dentures manufacturing.

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