Sandra Puurits

Special guest

I moved to Finland about 11 years ago, 8 years in dental tech. I could say im dental tech in the making? I´m doing removables the same way a REAL technitian would make. Every dentist I work with think im a REAL technitian because i do and know everything a REAL technitian would do/know. I know i have a lot to learn still.

I forgot to mention in the podcast that i love the dentists that i work with! They want to learn and if some things are fcked, i know how to fix them! So its just live and learn! If a lab just does the work without asking anything, there will be no progress. But usually when i get a bad impression, my first thought isnt ”well fck you too”, its ”ohh honey, you poor thing…. AGAIN!” And then ill just call or send an e-mail and well just get another impression and all will be good again! Its like i know im not perfect every time and i cannot wait the dentists to be also perfectomundo! Were all human beings! Its like when you get a good relationship with a dentist, all the little mistakes from both sides are gonna be easy-peasy! I had a dentist who called me and told me that ”I dont know what im doing and this whole thing is so fcked up that ill throw the whole sht out of the window!!!!” :D :D And then i calmed her down and reassured that we`ll get through this together :) Live, laugh, love all the way!

I know i might give away a bit crazy vibes :D

But the thing is, as im almost 24/7 fighting with my thoughts and my brain, the little moments when i feel ok, i want to full on feel it. I want to laugh and make stupid jokes and enjoy the good feeling. Just take it easy. Because some days its Carpe Diem, seize the day, you know. But then there are those Carpe fck this shit, give me a beer days.

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