Sandra Ramsey

Special guest

Sandra is the founder of Great Crowns & Smiles (GCS) Dental Lab. in Louisville, KY. Sandra has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of dental lab leadership and she has been a certified dental technician for 26 years specializing in ceramics. Sandra started her journey as a dental tech in one of the biggest commercial labs in the world and she was part owner of a boutique lab in New Hampshire, for some time. Having these experiences has given Sandra an upper hand on how to maintain quality and consistency whilst doing what she loves.

In 2018, she started GCS with the support of friends, family, and fellow associates whereupon she set an audacious goal of creating one MILLION smiles. As a woman in dentistry, helping a new generation of future dental techs pave their path in dentistry, and collaborating with dentists, she can see beautiful smiles changing the world for the best. She is always grateful to find inspiration in her work and hopes to continue designing and fabricating dental restorations that most of all make people happy.
Outside of work, Sandra enjoys growing heirloom tomatoes and herbs, cycling, kayaking, practicing yoga, dining in fine restaurants, tasting wine and catching cute moments with her puppy, Scotty.

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