Scott D. McGaha

Special guest

Precision Ortho Lab is an orthodontic laboratory focused on delivering excellence in product, service and timeliness. Scott D. McGaha, founded Precision Ortho Lab in 1988.

Scott started his career at 17 as a part-time lab technician for his childhood orthodontist, Dr. Al Bishop. At 21, he opened the doors of his own ortho lab and has never looked back.

Scott believes that long-standing relationships with his clients are the reason he is in business today. Always available to discuss a case or work to solve a challenge with a Doctor, Scott prides himself on being a resource for solutions in the industry. Also one who loves technology, Scott was one of the early adopters of digital printing services.

While based in Texas, Precision Ortho Lab serves clients around the country with on-time delivery of orthodontic appliances. Scott resides in Grapevine, Texas with his wife of 22 years, Denise and their teenage children, Jaxon and Jori.

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