Steve Campbell RDT

Special guest

Steve is a GDC registered dental technician with 0ver 27 years dental experience, and a passion for the life changing service the dental team provide to our patients.

Working with skilled teams and some of the most highly regarded dental surgeons in the UK he provides solutions for all aspects of restorative dentistry, especially implants and the new digital and CAD/CAM workflows.

Over time his passion for dental technology has evolved and intertwined with his love of cutting edge technology to the point where he found it possible to open and run a fully digital dental laboratory with his team at Nexus Dental in 2015. Since then the opportunities and challenges keep him very busy!

When not in the lab he’ll usually be found at a dental event either learning from my peers or representing one of the many dental organizations he is fortunate enough to have been invited to work with, including his current role as President of the Dental Laboratories Association.

Managing Director - Nexus Dental Laboratories

Executive Committee Member and Full Accredited Member – British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
President - Dental Laboratories Association
Past ADI Technical Representative - 2 terms service

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