Travis Zick

Special guest

Travis Zick, is Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Apex Dental Laboratory Group, a multi-laboratory holding company based out of Eau Claire, WI with 13 labs in 7 states. For Apex, Travis oversees all Merger & Acquisition activity, including diligence, structure, and integration. After earning his Finance degree from Winona State University, Travis worked as a financial analyst and commercial banker before becoming involved in the lab business. After serving as President of a large dental laboratory in the Midwest for several years, he founded Apex Dental Laboratory Group with his partners in 2015. Travis has served as a transition consultant for lab owners looking to prepare their business for succession, and he has spoken and written several articles on the topic. He has also served on several national committees, and he currently serves as the President-Elect of the NADL.

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