Vincent Silva

Special guest

Vincent Silva is the founder and CEO of sister companies, DHC (Digital Healthcare Computers) and VHS (Virtual Healthcare Systems).
His passion and interest for the Dental Industry was introduced by his father at an early age. He graduated from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) with his Master’s in Dental Ceramics along with an opportunity to study abroad along side with European Esthetic Professionals.

DHC was created to fill a void in the healthcare industry when it came to computers and more specifically Digital Dentistry. DHC is here to customize and optimize computers to your specific CAD/CAM software to provide improved calculation times and ROI.

VHS is here to create an innovating and exciting new way of changing the way we learn and educate through Virtual Reality at the highest level. Vincent Silva is creating a path not taken through both Digital Dentistry and Virtual Reality as the possibilities are limitless.

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