Talking About Dentist From Voices of Dentistry Part 1: Jordon Comstock, Craig Cody, Dr. Zak Allmand, and Renata Budny

Episode 104 · March 23rd, 2020 · 1 hr 21 mins

About this Episode

What a strange week for the world. We can't even begin to express our feelings for everyone and our industry. That is why we wanted to bring in the Executive Director of the NADL to give us an update for our industry on the COVID-19 virus.

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Then because we want everyone to have some sense of normalcy we continue with the originally planned episode.

Back in January and thanks to Kettenbach, Elvis and Barb went to the Voices of Dentistry. A event geared towards podcast in the dental field. Being the only podcast dedicated to dental laboratories at the event, we were able to talk to a bunch of people that give us an interesting perspective that we normally don't see. First up is Jordon Comstock from Boomcloud. Jordon comes from the lab and now runs a service to help dentist become less dependent of insurances. Which would be good for labs. Next up is Craig Cody, a CPA for dentist giving us interesting view we usually don't see. Then we have Dr. Zak Allmand on who is a practicing dentist that got sick of credit card fees when he opened his own practice. So now he started his own credit card processing company called Apex Payment Solutions. Labs should check them out for some amazing savings.

Then because every year we have our first guest every on the podcast on, Renata Budny joins us from the Argen booth at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2020!

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