Paul, Paul The Science Guy: Paul Cascone from Argen Explains Zirconia

Episode 125 · August 17th, 2020 · 55 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

Most dental technicians have a little nerd in them. You know, that desire to learn more about what we do. The most used material on the fixed side of our industry is Zirconia. Introduced in the mid-2000's, it has taken over as the "go to" restoration in dentistry. But what exactly is Zirconia? How does it get from the earth into a mill? Paul Cascone from Argen comes on the podcast to explain all of this in terms that Elvis and Barb can understand. Everything from the mining to the fabrication of the pucks to getting the shade right. Amazing information to feed your inner nerd.

ArgenZ HT+ Zirconia Discs

Few things create more interest today than the Digital Denture. Whip Mix has developed a processing system for printed dentures, which uses Dentca, the first 3D-printed denture and denture teeth resins to receive FDA clearance. Their physical properties and biocompatibility pass FDA requirements and enable the printed denture properties to be very similar to conventional dentures. The material, coupled with fast and easy 3D-printing with Asiga printers and the convenience of curing with a Uvitron UV light, results in fewer dentist visits, predictable fit, re-printable data files, lower costs and excellent intraoral denture performance.

To learn how to create your own Digital Denture, check the Whip Mix website for their Digital Denture courses and for more information about the system.

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